Moovin Board
Design: Black Board

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): 2800 JPY (excluding tax)
Size: 210 × 517 mm
Package contens: 1 Moovin Board (Black Board design), 1 Black Board Eraser themed QR code, 44 Message stickers with QR codes, 32 Decorative stickers, 1 User guide.
Made in Japan

A world first in combining handwritten messages and decorations with personalised video recordings.

Moovin Black Board takes group gifting to a whole new level. Combine your group’s handwritten messages, video recordings and collective decorative flair into one personalised greeting board for a single recipient. The first of its kind in the world, Moovin’s innovative QR code video linking technology (patented) enables users to attach video messages to physical paper products.

Move the slider below to see a “before and after” example of a Moovin Black Board decoration…

* The Moovin app automatically consolidates each users’ personalised video message into a single combined video for the recipient using Moovin’s original QR code video linking technology (patented).

How does it work?

Each participant takes a sticker, scans the unique QR code on their sticker with the Moovin app and records their personal video message. The Moovin app then automatically uploads and combines the individual video messages from each participant into one consolidated group video for the recipient.

Be sure to decorate your Moovin Black Board with decorative stickers (included) and handwritten messages. Include some hand drawn pictures and cut out some photos to stick on the Black Board too!

Total length of combined video cannot exceed 22 minutes* or 396 photos**.

* If all 44 individual messages consist of videos, each video message will be maximum 30 seconds duration.
** If all 44 individual messages consist of photos only.



Model number:MBO-BB01QR

Price: 2,100 JPY (excluding tax)



Model number:MBO-BB01QR

Price: 2,800 JPY (excluding tax)