moovin is an innovative greeting card service
that combines a physical greeting card and a video message.On special occasions you want to gift-wrap your message to make it exceptional and memorable!
moovin is a new heart-moving messaging tool that delivers your feelings,
thoughts and emotions that are impossible to express by words alone to the ones you love.

Feature1moovin greeting card service allows video and photos taken with a smartphone to be added to the greeting card

Buy a card, download the app, scan the QR code and add photos and videos from your phone to the message

* You can also add photos and videos created with other mobile apps to your video message

Feature2It is super easy to create and personalize your video message!

Moovin App is really easy to use and navigate through even if you have never created a video before. You can also add background music to your message by choosing tracks from our library or from your phone.

* Copyright-protected music or any music materials that don’t have a permission from copyright owners cannot be used.

Feature3Decorate your video message with the card themed video effects.

Moovin card
Opening Movie

Use the card themed opening movie or add a frame mimicking the design of the purchased card.

Choose the most suitable moovin product to better express your feelings on a special occasion!