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Moovin is an innovative company that develops smartphone based applications for photos and videos. Its technology enables the user to add a video message to a physical greeting card. It blends the beauty of traditional, tangible greeting cards with the power of personalised digital technology.

Now you can create truly memorable messages that spring to life for your friends and family!


Feature 1Use your smartphone to add a video message to a physical greeting card.

1. Purchase a Moovin greeting card
2. Download the Moovin app
3. Scan your Moovin card’s unique QR code
4. Upload your video message and photos!*

* Videos and photos created with other apps can also be uploaded to your Moovin card

Feature 2The Moovin app is user-friendly!

Never uploaded a video before? No problem! The Moovin app will guide you through the simple process!

Feature 3Add short animations, photo frames or background music that match the design of your Moovin card.

Moovin Card
Short Animation
Photo Frame

You can choose to add a short animation or photo frame that matches the design of your Moovin card! You can also add background music from our music library, or choose a song from your own library!*

* Do not use music that is copyrighted without seeking the copyright owner’s permission

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