Moovin provides video communication technology solutions for business.
  • Add personalised video messages to your business materials
  • Incorporate promotional video messages into gift campaigns and trials
  • Introduce promotional video messages into posters, pamphlets and catalogues
  • Utilise unique QR codes for Direct Mail (DM)

Moovin’s innovative QR code video linking technology (patented) can be added to your original products or novelty items.

UXENT Inc. (Moovin’s parent company) will issue unique QR codes to your business that can be printed on various company products.

Gift Campaigns

Your business’ original branded products used for giveaways or trials can have QR codes printed on them with personalised video messages for the consumer.

Promotional video messages for posters, pamphlets and catalogues

Promotional videos can be added to your posters, pamphlets, catalogues and other products via a QR code. Moovin’s unique video distribution platform enables your company to choose what is displayed once the promotional video finishes. You may choose to redirect viewers to a survey, your company’s website or social media pages etc.

Improve the efficiency of your Direct Mail (DM) by tailoring your message to a variety of demographics.

Our technology allows us to issue large numbers of unique QR codes that can be used to target different types of customers. Our technology also allows you to track your customers’ interaction with your DM to analyse its effectiveness.